How to check gas hob leaks?

How to check gas hob leaks?


The safe use of gas hobs needs to be kept in mind from time to time, and the most prone accident of gas hobs is gas leakage, so how do you check if your home gas hob is leaking? Today, we will offer you some tips.

How to check gas hob leaks?

How to check gas hob leaks?

The gas supply pipe of a gas hob has been aging when it has been used for two years. It needs to be replaced in time. At the same time, you should also check the gas leakage during normal use. When checked the gas valve should be opened. The checking method is as follows:

1. Prepare cleaning liquid and a wet cloth.

2. Drop the cleaning liquid on the cloth and rub it into foam.

3. Put foam on all connections for testing.

4. During the inspection process, there is no bubble that gradually increases or breaks, which proves that there is no gas leakage at this connection. If bubbles keep appearing and bursting, it proves that there is a gas leak.

5. Gas leakage testing should also be carried out at the safety valve link of the gas tank. The method is the same as above.

Causes of gas leakage and treatment methods:

1. The connection between the gas supply pipe and the metal gas pipe is not tightly fastened, the tie wire is loose or falls off, the gas supply pipe is broken at the connection after aging, and so on.

Treatment method: replace the wire tie or replace the gas supply pipe. It should be noted that the gas supply pipe must be inserted more than 1mm into the metal gas pipe, and you’d better tie it twice. If the new gas supply pipe is hard, you can use hot water to soften it before inserts into the metal pipe.

2. The rubber washer at the connection is broken or misaligned. It usually happens after the ignition assembly is disassembled, and the correct position is not paid attention to during installation, and it needs to be replaced with a new rubber washer or re-installed.

3. Gas leakage also will happen at the welding points of the metal gas pipe and the joints on the ignition switch. The former requires the replacement of metal gas pipes or repair welding leaks, and the latter can be treated with sealant.
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