What is the warranty for your gas hob?

The entire device is guaranteed for six months (from the date of your purchase, whichever date appears on the purchase invoice). When you need necessary consultation or repair of equipment, please contact our repair center. If the warranty period is exceeded, we will only charge the necessary fee. (We will not be responsible for any damage caused by improper use or during delivery or human disassembly.)Note: Due to improvements in technology, the gas stove available in your hand may look slightly different from the picture in the brochure. Please forgive us for not informing you again.

How to clean and maintenance your gas hob?

(1)Suggestion:Clean the gas hob after the unit had cooled off, especially for the porcelain enameled part.Do not leave alkaline with acid radical or chlorine radical important.Be sure to pull out th electric cord from its service outlet.(2)Porcelain enameled partUse sponge or cloth soaked in soap and warm water. Avoid using cleaning powders or harsh abrasive which may cause scratching of the surface.(3)Burner and trivet partClean the removable part using sponge or cloth soaked in soap, like burner and flame ring should be dried and put correctly.(4)Stainless steel partUse the soft rag or sponge to clean.Important:Due to the temperature too high, the color around the burner will change by used too often.(5)Trigger electrodeCheck electrode always keep it clean bestow the burner correctly.(6)Put the burner cap correctly:Install the flame lid ring correctly and carefully as picture arrowhead shown. The burner would not move if installed correcty.Incorrectly installation will cause inequality lame and cause mangle at the same time.

How to install a gas hob?

(1)Remarks: In order to install built-in gas hob, you should put the template on the cooktop first, the appliance in after.REMENBER:The free space under the appliance and over it should not be less than 30mms.From wall to the appliance, the distance should not be less than 35mms.If a ventilating hood is provided, distance from the working top to the bottom of the hood should not be less than 650mms.For not built-in structure design there should be a heat insulation divide between the appliance's bottom and other units.For built-in structure design the distance between the appliance and the oven should not be less than 30mms, both should not be connected to gas individually.(2)InstallationBefore installation, make sure gas type used must be in accordance with the required gas type, mixing with other gas hobs is forbidden.(3)ImportantPlease check to make sure all connections are tight, check for leakage in your tank or the connecting hose by using soap and water around the connections. If rubber hose is used, it should be of minimum practical length so as to avoid bending. Periodic inspection is recommended for added safety.(4)Replace the nozzleTake off the burner cap and the aluminum cap, then use suitable instrument for replacing the nozzle"J"(as show on the below picture)